Pastor Robert Turner Bids Farewell To Tulsa With Heartfelt Letter

From The Desk Of Pastor Robert Turner

4 years ago God spoke to me about leaving my sweet home in Alabama. When I agreed to the invitation from Bishop Michael Mitchell, I did not know where I was going, nor how much I would make nor where I would live but I knew God was leading me. The place ended up being Vernon. I did not know what challenges were ahead. I was leaving the only home I had ever known in Alabama to come to a place that I nor anyone in my family had ever been. I came here with my wife and two young sons. Following a trailblazer Vernon’s first female pastor Michelle Moulden and dear friend, I thought for the first time in my young ministry that I would be able to go to a church and “simply” pastor: visit the sick, preach, do weddings and baptisms in a low stress place in Oklahoma called Tulsa. Boy was I wrong! I found a church, a community and cause that changed my life. The church I came to was called Vernon, the community, Greenwood and the cause was the 1921 Tulsa Race

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