Here’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 booster shots

Photo: Getty Images

COVID-19, vaccines, mask mandates, herd immunity. It’s all been in the news for nearly two years now, so there’s bound to be confusion after booster doses were approved just last week.

Health experts at the national and global levels are working to get as many people vaccinated against the coronavirus as possible, while simultaneously trying to ensure the immunity in those who’ve already gotten the shot (or shots) remains high and effective.

The job isn’t easy, and trying to communicate what changes are being made while researchers, committees, and government agencies work tirelessly can get difficult, especially when there’s disagreement among the experts.

Here, we detangle some of the information on booster shots.

What is a Booster Shot?

A booster does of a vaccine is an additional dose that is used to “boost” the immune response to a specific virus. It’s not unusual to need

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