Why Some NBA Players Are So Hesitant To Get Vaccinated: In Their Own Words

Source: Steven Ryan / Getty

The anti-vaccine hysteria is now sweeping through the NBA like a fast-break layup. A number of basketball players like Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Issac have shared their controversial opinions about receiving a jab of the COVID-19 vaccine. Huge consequences could loom for Irving, in particular, whose ability to play in upcoming games for the Brooklyn Nets remains uncertain. The NBA star missed out on Media day at the Barclays center on Sept. 27 because he wasn’t fully vaccinated. Irving, who virtually spoke to reporters over Zoom, declined to further comment on his vaccination status.

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“Living in this public sphere, there’s a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world of Kyrie,” he said explained. “I would love to just keep that private and

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