Tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season

(NewsUSA) – The end of summer and beginning of fall is an exciting time for all. With pumpkin picking, hayrides, and spooky festivities to look forward to, it is crucial that everyone is prepared to tackle the onset of cold and flu season so that those crisp-air activities can be fully enjoyed. Dr. Shirin Peters, a NYC internist at Bethany Medical Clinic, provides tips ahead of cold and flu season on how to best prepare and stay healthy.   “Autumn is a fun time to participate in outdoor activities with family and friends, but sometimes we forget that cold and flu season is beginning, and we are not always prepared,” says Dr. Peters.   “My tips below are designed to help people of all ages be prepared ahead of cold and flu season and remain healthy.”   * Get vaccinated. Mask wearing and social distancing contributed to a less-severe-than-normal cold

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