6-Year-Old Is Georgia’s Youngest Certified Farmer

Photo: Getty Images

At just six years old, Kendall Rae Johnson has already earned a spot in history books. The first-grader is the youngest certified farmer in the state of Georgia.

In order to reach the history-making feat, Kendall first received her business entity, aGROWKulture, at the state and federal levels. She joined several farming divisions including Georgia Grown, a Division of the state’s Department of Agriculture, and the Georgia Farm Bureau. Being a certified farmer means Kendall can submit applications for grants and scholarships and purchase land under her business.

For Kendall, farming is a hobby that grew from an even younger age.

“She started out in a patio garden and the patio garden grew from a little bitty something to, by the time her fourth birthday came, we had a full-fledged garden in our backyard,” Kendall’s mom, Ursula Johnson told Good Morning America. “And then we moved, and

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