Stacey Abrams’ Generous Gift Helps 100,000 People Get Medical Debt Relief

Photo: Getty Images

Stacey Abrams is back at it again!

In addition to getting one million people registered to vote, Abrams has been working hard to clear the path to the ballot box for all Americans and now, she’s helping over 100,000 people who are facing a very real crisis.

Earlier this week, Abrams’ organization, The Fair Fight Political Action Committee announced it made a $1.34 million donation to help wipe out medical debt for more than 100,000 people.

Abrams’ group donated to RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that assists people in clearing medical debt –– one of the main causes of bankruptcy in the US. With the gift, 108,000 people across Georgia, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama will get assistance with the $212 million they owe for medical bills.

“What is so important about this is the tie between Medicaid expansion and just crushing medical debt,” Fair Fight CEO

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