She’s charting a path to improving quality child care


By Evan T. Henerson

By her own admission, Tamika Farr is every inch a “glass half-full” person.

That’s an important mindset to have when leading a 43-year-old nonprofit, whose mission is to bring quality child care and educational services to disadvantaged communities.

Farr, who took over as executive director of Pathways LA, in Los Angeles, California, in May, recognizes the challenges her agency faces and embraces her new position with the enthusiasm and commitment of someone accustomed to getting things done.

“I am a problem-solver. I’ve always been that way, and I see opportunities,” Farr said. “If the answer isn’t ‘no,’ then there is an opportunity. And even in ‘no,’ there is opportunity to shift and find a different resource or a different path.

“I’m always looking for a way to accomplish our goal, especially when we’re looking at our youth and creating paths for them,” she said.

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