Here’s your official guide to making holiday travel decisions

Photo: Getty Images

With the holidays inching closer, health experts are weighing in on keeping safe at the holidays after last year’s deadly winter surge in new Covid-19 cases.

There’s vaccines, masks and social distancing, but what precautions are necessary when attending or hosting family gatherings?

If you are among the 58.5% of eligible Americans who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, it’s important to remember that not everyone at the family function may not be vaccinated –– children under 5 are still ineligible for the shot –– plus there’s still a risk of a breakthrough infection, though experts say the shot is still the best protection against Covid-19.

“Think about your vaccine as a very good raincoat,” CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Lena Wen said. “If you are going out into a drizzle, you’re probably going to be well protected not get wet.”

“But if you’re going into

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