Lawyers for Civil Rights and Point32Health Team Up to Provide Support to Small Businesses and Local Vaccination Efforts

Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) and Point32Health are collaborating on a project to provide support to small businesses in Fall River and New Bedford that promote the COVID-19 vaccine. The program, open to diverse-owned small businesses in the two cities, will provide $1000 grants that can be used in a variety of ways related to the ongoing pandemic, including:

Incentives for employees to get vaccinated (paid time off, vouchers, accommodations, etc.); Promotional materials located in the business to encourage employees and community members to get vaccinated; Purchase necessary protective materials for employees, such as PPE;  and Providing discounted or free goods and services to community members showing proof of vaccination.

“Small businesses are key trusted resources in local communities, and as such, can play a critical role in helping to champion the COVID-19 vaccines,” said Kevin Rasch, Chief Business Diversity Officer for Point32Health. “We are excited to collaborate

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