TEDx DupreePark Highlights Diverse Group of Thought Leaders

TEDx DupreePark Highlights Diverse Group of Thought Leaders

Event featured14 speakers with local and global reach of millions

TEDx DupreePark hosted its annual live show on Nov. 5 at the Woodstock Arts Center to highlight local thought leaders, as well as national/international leaders with a passion to impact the world.

This year’s theme, Seeding Greatness, stems from an ancient Greek proverb which states, “Great societies flourish when elders plant trees they know they will never sit under.”

“TEDx DupreePark was envisioned because we believe that, across the globe, community elders, leaders, and people must come together by stepping forward to fiercely and eloquently speak their hope and passion for the future of mankind,” said the event creator and organizer, Steven Monahan.

The event featured 14 speakers plus entertainers who gather to consider each leader’s best 15-minute speech about how we can seed greatness and foster positive change in the world.

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