Wu pushes for more fare-free bus lines

In her first full day in office, newly elected Mayor Michelle Wu requested the City Council appropriate $8 million in federal coronavirus relief funding to eliminate fares on three bus lines for a two-year period.

Wu’s plan looks to make the 23, 28 and 29 bus lines free starting early next year. The program is an extension and expansion of the four-month fare-free 28 bus pilot program started under acting Mayor Kim Janey’s leadership.

“I am excited to take this key step towards a brighter transit future. Building on the fare-free 28 bus pilot created by Mayor Janey, we will expand access to transit across our neighborhoods, connecting more people to their schools, places of worship, small businesses, and community centers –– and easing congestion on our bus riders and drivers alike. With stronger ties between our communities, we’ll reshape the boundaries of what’s possible in our city,” Wu said

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