Tried GoLink Yet? DART Extends South Dallas Pilot Through Jan. 21

DeAann Lax was glad to see that one of the DART GoPass Tap cards her team had given out was already helping someone.

At Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry, a grocery store-like food pantry at St. Philip’s Community Center, she watched a South Dallas neighbor breathe a sigh of relief that he didn’t have to choose what to leave behind this time. Knowing he had a ride would make carrying his haul a lot easier, and he was able to take all of his groceries with him.

A neighbor catches a ride with the GoLink service running in South Dallas, taking home groceries from Aunt Bette’s. Photo courtesy of DeAnn Lax.

He used DART’s South Dallas GoLink pilot program to travel from Aunt Bette’s to his South Dallas home. DART extended the pilot until Jan. 21, 2022, allowing South Dallas neighbors more opportunities to try it out. The pilot launched this year on April

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