New ‘Ghost Kitchen’ Coming To Black Wall Street

By: McKenzie Gladney

A new eatery is coming to Black Wall Street and it’s only open late nights.

It’s a new concept called ‘Ghost Kitchen’ and will operate out of Lefty’s on Greenwood.

“It’s something that we need,” said Kelly Crisp.

Chef Kelly Crisp, of The Gastronom A Culinary Collective, tells me there’s a saying….”when there’s a void….fill it.”

“There’s nothing in North Tulsa that’s late-night,” said Chef Crisp.

So that’s exactly his plan. He’s operating a ghost kitchen out of Lefty’s on Greenwood — for those late-night snackers.

Ghost Kitchens are essentially restaurants that don’t offer dine-in services — the concept became popular at the beginning of the pandemic.

Now there’s one coming to Black Wall Street.

“We’re going to come in on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11:30 at night to 4:35 in the morning,” said Crisp.

On the menu chicken and waffles, catfish….even burgers.

All the seasonings and marinades have been passed down from family for generations and now he’s excited to share it with his

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