High Unemployment Rates For Black Men Cost Communities $50 Billion A Year

A recent study revealed that not only do Black men still have the highest unemployment rates in the United States, but it’s costing Black communities billions of dollars a year, according to the Atlantic Black Star.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research published its findings earlier this month, which shows an employment gap of about 1.4 million jobs between Black men and their Asian, Hispanic, and white counterparts. Black men are missing out on thousands of jobs due to higher rates of incarceration, discrimination, and even death, researchers say.

“Black people need to take this report and take it to their elected official and say ‘You need to do more because you don’t fully realize how big this problem is,’” Algernon Austin, the author of the study, told Finurah. “I’m hoping that this work serves to inspire people, and, frankly, particularly Black men.”

Austin looked at unemployment data from 2014, but the takeaways can be applied

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