Atlanta City Council President Doug Shipman Announces 2022 Committee Chairs and Appointments

ATLANTA — Council President Doug Shipman announced the 2022 committee chairpersons and appointments during the first organizational meeting of the full Council on Monday.

City Utilities Committee:

Howard Shook – Chair
Liliana Bakhtiari
Andrea L. Boone
Dustin Hillis
Antonio Lewis
Alex Wan
Jason Winston

City Utilities has jurisdiction over the following matters: Solid waste, sanitation, and recycling; street equipment, street naming and abandonment and other public right of way matters; matters pertaining to the city’s cable service within the Mayor’s Office of Communication, the Department of Watershed Management and the Department of Public Works and city franchise agreements.

Community Development/Human Services:

Jason Dozier – Chair

Byron Amos

Liliana Bakhtiari

Michael Julian Bond

Dustin Hillis

Matt Westmoreland

Jason Winston

Community Development/Human Services has jurisdiction over the following matters: The Department of Planning and Community Development; the Department of Parks and Recreation; comprehensive development plans and land use plans, the Mayor’s Office of Human

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