Confessions of a COVID-19 writer diagnosed with COVID

By Sylvester Brown Jr. | St. Louis American | Word In Black
The St. Louis American inaugural Deaconess Fellow

This post was originally published on St. Louis American

(WIB) – I thought I was careful, cautious, and abided by COVID precautions. But it got me anyway.

“You have a POSITIVE COVID-19 Test Result.”

I can’t explain why those words from CVS Pharmacy were so alien to me. Somewhere inside, I knew something wasn’t right. For about four days, I felt crappy. Days earlier, my younger brother mentioned in passing that he, too, wasn’t feeling well.

“Must be a cold or the flu,” he said.

I told him about my usual emergency regimen of Emergen-C Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix, cod liver and black seed oil pills, B-12 complex and some other vitamins. In two or three days tops, I’m back to normal. Usually.

Not this time. Four days later, and I still had

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