My personal journey to get tested for COVID-19

TSD contributor Dr. Sybil C. Mitchell after getting tested for COVID-19. The result was negative. (Courtesy photo)   by Dr. Sybil C. Mitchell, Tri-State Defender  

(Memphis) – My niece caught COVID-19 two weeks before Christmas. That was only the beginning of our ordeal.

Lingering fever and sore throat signaled a stubborn hold on her, putting her in bed for more than eight days.

I stayed away from her house, as several other family members also contracted the virus, including her 4-year-old son.

But prior to the baby catching COVID-19, I went over to the house, wearing a mask and visiting with my asymptomatic great-nephew. The baby seemed fine, talking with me and playing on an iPad as he lounged in bed.

That was on Saturday, Dec. 18, sometime in the late evening.


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